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Download YouTube videos using your Android device


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AVD Android Video Downloader is a simple app that allows you to download any video from YouTube or another video streaming site directly to your Android device.

Some web pages have a filter that keeps you from downloading videos from their servers, although with others it's as easy as going to the video that you want to download and pressing play. The video will start to download automatically.

Though it offers few options, AVD Android Video Downloader is a good app because it allows you to browse the Internet comfortably and download videos without needing to go through any complex process. You can have any video you want just by tapping the screen twice.

AVD Android Video Downloader is a video downloading app that could be better. However, despite this it's an interesting alternative to the all-powerful Tubemate, which is unarguably the king of these kinds of apps.

Requires Android 2.2 or later.